Hormones To Improve Your Sex Life

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Sex is (still) a controversial topic nowadays. However, its importance goes above and beyond many people's expectations. Simply put, sex is a must for every adult and definitely a way to feel more desired and a way to increase your self-confidence.

Hormones To Improve Your Sex Life

The term ‘sexual fulfilment' is often missed in people’s lives nowadays. Basically, it is a term that says that sex happens first in the brain. However, the real secret to sensual and sexual pleasure is embodiment. So, the sensation and pleasure happens in the body, but is controlled by the brain.

What does all of this mean and why do we mention it in this blog post?

Sexual Disconnection And How To Get Away From It

In the midst of our busy lives, people are overwhelmed with the requirements of career, children and daily life. Sadly there is little time for intimacy. And as we get older a lot of couples simply stop having sex entirely. Of course as men age they also can have problems getting an erection and as woman’s hormone levels drop so does their interest in sex.

But there are lots of products these days that can solve those problems. A couple of the good ones you can try are:

VigRX For Men with all natural ingredients

“Her Solution” for woman.  This product was featured on the TV show “The Doctors”.

According to many psychologists and sexologists, there are so many ways on how to have better sex. The lost feeling of sexiness and the feeling of sex as ‘another chore' can be cured with different examples. From tantric sex techniques to orgasm coaches (something happening in LA as we speak), people are doing their best to get back on track with sex, starting from their 40s, 50s and 60s.

Its very important to continue to have a sex life as you age.

The Best Ways To Bring More Pleasure In Your Sex Life

It doesn't matter if you are single or married. As we said above, great sexual experiences start in the brain and your willingness to accept them and embrace them. These tips can help you bring more pleasure in your life as an adult:

  • Take time for each other. People talk about date nights these days, although they do sound a bit cliched, they can bring some romance back into your life.
  • Get dressed up and go out for a romantic dinner
  • Go away for a long weekend and just spend time together to re-kindle your intimacy
  • If you and your partner haven’t had sex in a long time it can seem very difficult to get started again. Be brave and be the one to initiate sex. I am sure your partner will be surprised and pretty happy. They may also wanting to still have sex but are too unsure to make the first move. Sounds like dating, perhaps it is.
  • Focus On Your Sensuality and General Feeling Of Well-Being – The key is to connect with sensual pleasure through your senses. Whether that is by drinking and eating delicious foods, smelling flowers or taking a walk in the park, the key is to heighten your senses.
  • Move Your Body In Non-Linear Ways – Your body is moved in linear ways most of the time. Even workouts are getting ballistic and angular nowadays. The best way to change that is to take some time and add smooth, round and unstructured movement. This could be done by dancing without choreography or simply allowing yourself to undulate the spine, hips or any other body part without agenda for progression.
  • Explore Writings Or Videos That Induce Pleasure And Arousal In Your Body – Your body is built to learn by resonance and assimilation. Therefore, experiencing pleasure by reading or seeing other sensations informs your own body and triggers arousal. It is up to you to research what material best informs your body of its sensual reactions and keep track of it as a way of inducing your heightened senses.
  • Create A Ritual Of Giving Attention To Your Body – Dancing to one song when you come home from work, taking a long bath, massaging your hands when you watch TV…These are only some of the best rituals for giving attention to your body when it needs it most.

Continuing to have a sex life as you age provides great intimacy, improves your relationship and in all honesty, is a great stress releasor.

Rosemary Richards